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Logical Spanish

Are you frustrated with learning Spanish? Not sure what to do first? Or next? I don’t blame you. Knowing what to do--in what order, is actually one of the hardest parts of learning Spanish--especially at the beginning.

That’s one of the main reasons I created Logical Spanish, my latest and most comprehensive Spanish course to date. If you’ve seen my video series called “How to Learn Spanish” -- you’ve heard me talk about a “guiding force” before.

In the past, I’ve suggested using a good old-fashioned grammar book as your “guiding force” -- as imperfect as most grammar books are.

But not anymore. I designed Logical Spanish to be your “guiding force” -- to replace your grammar book. Logical Spanish is like a grammar book on steroids.

I called it “Logical Spanish” for several reasons, but one of them is the logical order I present the language. We start with nouns and verbs--the two most important “parts of speech”. Then we go from there--adjectives, adverbs, prepositions and conjunctions.

We go through everything one time--to cover the basics and get the gist. Then, once you have the hang of things, we go through it all again, to go over the details and nuance of everything.

The course is divided into modules and lessons. And it’s all very organized and easy to follow. First is lesson 1-1. Then, lesson 1-2. Then, lesson 1-3. Then 2-1, 2-2, 2-3. And, so on...

Bottom line, whether today is your first day learning Spanish, or you’ve been messing around with it for years--Logical Spanish is your track to run on. You simply press play on the first video, and follow my instructions from there.

English is a Problem

I’ve recently come to realize that one of the reasons learning a language is so hard is because we don’t really understand how English works. Most people don’t know how they use their native language--they just use it. Kids can learn to speak before going to school or learning any grammar. But also... English is particularly wacky.

That’s why Logical Spanish starts with a mini-English course. Learning Spanish (with English) is way easier when you actually understand how English works. In real life--not just in a textbook.

Module #2The Parts of Speech

Lessons include: Nouns, Pronouns, Verbs, Adjectives, Adverbs, Prepositons (9 videos)

Module #3Working Together

Lessons include: Clauses, Phrases, Conjunctions, Active Vs. Passive, The Perfects & Progressives, Indirect Objects (16 videos)

Then, from there we start with the Spanish:

Module #4Nouns

Lessons include: The Gender of Nouns, Common Patterns, The Plural Form of Nouns, Fun w/ Words (6 videos)

Module #5Verbs

Lessons include: Subject Pronouns, The Infinitive Form(s), Regular AR Verbs, Fun w/ Words (5 videos)

Module #6Verbs, Cont'd

Lessons include: Regular ER Verbs, Regular IR Verbs, Formal Vs. Informal, Missing Subject Pronouns, Fun w/ Words (6 videos)

Module #7Adjectives

Lessons include: Adjective Placement, Adjective Matching, Numbers: 1 to 99, Un Vs. Uno Vs. Una, Numbers: 100 to 1M+, Ordinal Numbers (7 videos)

Module #8Adjectives, Cont'd

Lessons include: Possessive Adjectives, The Demonstratives, Quanitifiers & Distributers, Short Adjectives, The Before/After Question, Fun with Words (10 videos)

Some Early Student Reviews...

"Hola! I just wanted to let you know that the logical approach is really connecting with me. I genuinely didn’t understand this stuff in English so having you go through it step by step has already allowed me to get a better handle on a few things that were confusing me in Spanish. As an archaeologist we also have a saying that context is everything. I just hadn’t made the connection to language learning. Really enjoying and learning from all of your content. Keep it coming! Gracias."

--Gary Millward

"Jordan, I’m the 70 year old guy whose been studying Spanish like a banshee for the past year and a half. I love the Logical Spanish course! It has answered so many questions I have had! Many of those questions were restricting my learning of Spanish. I keep kicking myself that I didn’t pay attention when I was younger in school English classes. Thank you for your great work!"

--Jerry Komassa

"Jordan, I would have given up leaning Spanish if not for your course!!!!! I’m 60 years old (not too old) and have started learning Spanish only a few months ago. I’m very encouraged by your straight forward videos – I will not give up! You have ingrained that in my mind. My 19 year old daughter & I are determined to learn Spanish and help the community learn the bible. Thank you for your course!"

--Brenda Stailey

Money Back Guarantee

If you like my YouTube videos, you’ll like Logical Spanish--it’s the same style and pace. The difference is, in Logical Spanish, I don’t skip any topics. And I don’t skip around. Everything’s organized and sequential.

Just in case, though, you’re covered by my no-questions-asked, 90-day money back guarantee. If you don’t like the course--regardless of the reason, I’ll give you all your money back. No third degree. No attitude. Just a refund.


Logical Spanish is an ongoing course. You'll get immediate access to the modules and videos listed above (currently seven modules, over fifty videos). Then, I’m posting a new module every two weeks approximately.

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