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Speak "Travel Spanish" From Day One--Without Learning any Grammar Rules, or Memorizing Hundreds of Words!



Take a look at what you’ll learn and how it'll guarantee you'll be speaking real Spanish in time for your trip--without any grammar!

Have more fun. Be less stressed. Don't be just a normal tourist.

TRAVEL situation #1 asking directions

  • Never be lost again! Learn how to ask directions to anywhere in the Spanish-speaking world with The 3 Questions--made of seven words. When you can ask directions, you'll waste less time being lost. Less time being stressed. And less time fighting with your travel partner. That's more time to see the stuff you went to see!

  • The 3 Questions just work. But if you want to keep going, there are additional lessons called Helpful Words #1 and Helpful Words #2. The words and phrases in these videos will add to your asking direction powers, and help you get better directions, faster.

  • Things don't always go perfectly, so in the lesson called When Things Don't Go Perfectly, you'll see how to handle that. You can still get your directions, even if the other people don't play nicely.

  • In the video on this page, the example you saw was quite simple. But The 3 Questions work even when your destination is far away. In Looking for La Reina Sofia--you'll a more complex example. I start on side of Madrid, and want to go to the other side.

TRAVEL situation #2 transportation

  • With just five simple steps, you can easily handle all public transportation: trains, buses, metros, trams, taxis and airports.

  • Do you want the fastest train? The cheapest bus? In Get Information, you'll see how to quickly ask questions to get what you want. Avoid annoying all the impatient people behind you because you have no idea what you're doing.

  • In Find Your Vehicle, you'll learn how to make sure you're on the right bus or metro car--and you're going the right direction. One simple question will do the trick.

  • When people first see the lesson called Get Off, they sometimes laugh. Get off? How hard can it be? Most of the time, not very. But on local buses (within a city) -- it's really pretty hard. There are no signs or announcements, and the stops usually aren't labeled. But don't you worry. There's are two ways to make sure you don't miss your spot. The easy way. And the guaranteed way.

TRAVEL situation #3 hotels & hostels

  • Just get off the plane? Tired and hungry? In Check-In, learn the few words you'll need to calmly check-in, so you can go get some food or take a nap IMMEDIATELY.

  • Do you want the WI-FI password? An extra towel? What time is checkout? Learn to ask for all this and much more in Asking Basic Questions.

  • Know what you're getting! If you're looking for a hotel when you get there, wouldn't it be nice to make sure it's not nasty? With just one short question, you'll know EXACTLY what the room is like before you pay anything.

TRAVEL situation #4 ordering food

  • Eat in better, more authentic restaurants where only the locals eat. Be the only tourist in the place.

  • With the Ingredient & Preparation Systems, you'll be able to try new foods. Know basically what you're ordering, and how it's going to be prepared. But with the Safety Questions, you'll be 100% certain you're not getting anything you can't or don't want to eat.

  • Don't be nervous!  See HOW bars, cafes and restaurants work before you go anywhere.  Don't waste the first half of your trip getting acclimated.

The Travel Spanish Crash Course is 100% online.

You can access everything immediately.

There's nothing to wait for, and no software to download.

And you're not limited to one device.

Use your computer. Tablet. Phone. iOS. Android. Windows Phone. All of the above!

You can even download the videos to watch on the plane.

You can watch them offline, when you're in a foreign country.

Or in your home country, to save money on data.

You can watch the videos wherever you are, whenever you want.

Sample page from the course. This is the Introduction to the Transportation module. Video on the right. Menu to the rest of the module's lessons on the left.

Anytime you have five minutes, you can make progress

The course is modular, organized, color-coded and easy to find what you're looking for.

You'll know exactly where to go, depending on what you want to learn.

Go in any order you want.

If you want to order food, go directly to the Ordering Food module.

Prefer to be told exactly what to do, in what order?

The 1-Week, 2-Week and 1-Month Action Plans do exactly that.

If you leave in one week--the 1-Week Action Plan tells you the best order (and schedule) to do things.

The average video length is five minutes.

So you can be using your new Spanish skills within minutes.


Even within a module, watch only the videos that'll help you.

If you're not looking for hotels as you travel, don't watch those videos (check-in and checkout are still helpful).

Learning Spanish doesn't have to be this daunting, scary thing.

You don't have to set aside hours at a time.

If you have a spare five minutes, you can make progress.

Watch one video.

As long as you have your phone (or any device), you can learn a new Spanish trick instead of wasting that time.

Let's Have Fun!

If you've seen my videos on YouTube, you know I'm not like normal Spanish teachers.

I make Spanish fun.

I make Spanish clear.

And I do it quickly.

All the videos in the Travel Spanish Crash Course are done in the same style as my videos on YouTube (and this page).

If you like my style--you'll love the Travel Spanish Crash Course.

If you don't. Well. You might not.

but Don't Take My Word For It...

And that's just a small sample!

This is for you if...

  • You speak zero or little Spanish and are going to Spain or Latin America. This is perfect for you. It's made for you.

  • You took Spanish in high school or college, but forget most of it. This is a great refresher. Everything will come rushing back to you.

  • You're just getting started with Spanish, but aren't traveling anytime soon. You'll learn tons of words and phrases you can use in everyday life. Plus, these methods and tactics truly are the best way to get started.

  • You speak decent Spanish, but have never been to Spain. You'll see how everything works. Be more confident with your Spanish from the start. You won't waste the first few days getting comfortable.

This is not for you if...

  • You already know Spanish AND Spain pretty well.

  • You have to pass some kind of exam or test. Don't count on this for that.

free, extra module #1: five bonus situations

  • Buy a SIM Card -- Get a local SIM card for your phone. Use the internet. Navigate. Find good restaurants. Without buying an international SIM or paying expensive international roaming charges!

  • The Pharmacy -- Tell the doctor or pharmacist what's wrong or what medicine you want. Don't sit in your hotel room sick, when just a couple words will get you what you need.

  • Postcards & Stamps -- Your family and friends back home will appreciate a postcard. See how and where to get postcards and stamps. No need to hunt them down, you'll know exactly where they are.

  • Renting a Car -- The fastest way off the beaten track is to rent a car. With a car, you have complete freedom--go where you want, when you want. See things most tourists won't ever see.

  • Buy a Phone Card -- Normal phone cards are still very handy, even in a mobile phone world. Phone cards are usually the cheapest way to call family or friends back home.

free, extra module #2: numbers, time & money

  • Don't waste time on complex numbers.  Almost all numbers you hear when traveling are between zero and 999.

  • See and hear the numbers how they're used in real life.  It's much easier than what's taught in most courses.

  • Four Practice Rounds give you the practice you'll need to recognize the numbers when they're said. Hear the numbers from real Spanish people and Latinos.

  • Don't feel like a complete idiot saying "Huh?" when there are six people waiting behind you in line.

quick summary of the travel spanish crash course:

  • The four main modules

    Asking Directions, Transportation, Hotels & Hostels and Ordering Food.

    For this information, you'd spend $700 (and a week of your life) at a private school. Rosetta Stone would cost you $200 to $300, and you still won't be able to order food.

  • free bonus: Five Bonus Situations

    Buy A SIM Card, Buy A Phone Card, Postcards & Stamps, The Pharmacy and Renting A Car.

  • free bonus: Numbers, Time & Money

    More a "course inside a course" than just another module.

    I'll be releasing this by itself in the near future for at least $27--it'll be 3 or 4 DVD's!

  • Real Video Examples from Spain

    Everything in this course is backed up by real video examples from Spain.

    What other course shows you real video examples? They all have cheesy, fake dialogues.

90-day money back guarantee

All I care about is your success and your happiness with the Travel Spanish Crash Course.

I created every feature to streamline this for you.

But even though I totally stacked the deck in your favor, I can't control everything.

So it's real simple.

Try the course for 90 days.

If you're unhappy for any reason--any reason at all.

Even if you just don't like the birth mark on my right arm!

You get all your money back.

No questions asked.

It's simple. I'm not hard to find. There are no hoops to jump through.