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Are you having problems learning the Spanish past tense?

Here's What An English Speaker Who Failed High School Spanish Knows About Mastering The Spanish Past Tense!

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Dear Fellow Gringo Who Wants To Dominate The Spanish Past Tense,

Are you sick of struggling with the Spanish past tense? Don't know when to use the preterite versus the imperfect? Do you feel like you made it through the present tense only to end up more confused than ever?

If you're serious about learning...

Then you need to read every last word of this letter because it contains the step-by-step game plan for helping you master the Spanish past tense in any context...

And just so there's zero confusion about your potential for learning this complex language, I want you to know...

Yes! You Really Can Overcome Your Struggles With The Spanish Past Tense For Good!

But before I show you just how easy it is to get from total confusion to complete clarity, there's something else you should know:

It's not your fault you can't seem to get past the Spanish past tense.

Look, I know firsthand how complex the past tense is...

Before I learned the simple strategies I'm going to be sharing with you in a bit, I really struggled with conjugating verbs in the past tense. In fact, I even failed my high school Spanish class!

You see, as English users, we don't have to worry about conjugating verbs. Regardless of the pronoun, if you want to use the past tense in English, the verb is the same.

For example:

I ate.
You ate.
He/she/it ate.
We ate.
You both ate.
They ate.

"Ate" is all you need to know in this example. So, the whole idea of "verb conjugation" is a little strange in the first place.

To make things even more difficult...

There are two different past tense conjugations for every verb in Spanish!

As you already know, you must learn how to conjugate in both the preterite AND the imperfect tenses... plus you need to know WHEN to use which tense. This means you have twice the conjugations to memorize and more than twice the confusion.

And the worst part is...

Most teachers, books and training courses are teaching you ALL WRONG!

Here Are Some Things I've Discovered Along The Way To Mastering The Spanish Past Tense:

It's time to throw out all the complex lessons and bad teaching strategies you've seen before.


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Emily Blau, Nashville, Tennessee, USA

"Really clever, loved the Orange is the New Black (although I've never watched it). You should be very proud of it. I feel a billion times better with the differences between the preterite and imperfect. My Spanish friends even complimented me recently on that exact modification in my speech lately."

Michael Grossman, NYC, USA

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Buena suerte!


P.S. Just to review. The past tense is hard. You have to memorize two new sets of conjugations and then decide when to use which. This course is 6 modules and over 40 videos with all the practice resources you need to master everything. First we'll focus on one conjujugation pattern at a time. Then you'll learn one simple rule for choosing between the preterite and imperfect. The course is only $27 and if you follow my instructions, you'll never have a problem with the Spanish past tense again. There's a 90-day money back guarantee, so you have plenty of time to prove me right! Order now.